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Title Page
  Cover page (PDF) -
  Sumika Polycarbonate MISSION & VISION (PDF) 0
  Contents (PDF) 1
Grades and properties
  Description of brands and grades(PDF) 2
  Standard Grades / UV Stability Grades(PDF) 3
  Steam Resistant Grades(PDF) 4
  Grades Complied with UL94 V-2(PDF) 5
  Optical Grades for Thin-film Molding(PDF) 6
  Optical Grades(PDF) 7
  Light Diffusion Grades(PDF) 8
  Silicone-based Flame Retardant Grades(PDF) 9
  Silicone-based Flame Retardant / Light Reflective Grades(PDF) 10
  Silicone-based Flame Retardant / GF Reinforced Grades(PDF) 11
  Glass Fiber Reinforced Grades(PDF) 12
  Glass Fiber Reinforced Grades(PDF) 13
  Low Abrasion Grades(PDF) 14
  Electro Conductive / Antistatic Grades(PDF) 15
  High Impact Grades at Low Temperature(PDF) 16
  Alloy Grades / PC/ABS(PDF) 17
  Alloy Grades / PC/Polyester (PDF) 18
  Alloy Grades / Flame Retardant(PDF) 19
Reference Data
 A Physical properties
  A-1 Drying curve
A-2 Moisture absorption
  A-3 Flowability - viscosity
A-4 Flowability - spiral flow length
 B Optical properties
  B-1 Spectral transmittance
B-2 Temperature dependence of refraction index
B-3 Weatherability test in Alisona
B-4 Weatherability test in Okinawa
  B-5 Sunshine Weather O Meter test
B-6 TR-A series optical properties
 C Mechanical properties
  C-1 Temperature dependence of Izod impact strength
C-2 Creep property
C-3 Fatigue property
 D Chemical resistance
  D-1 Chemical resistance of polycarbonate against various chemicals (PDF) 25
  D-1 Chemical resistance of polycarbonate against various chemicals (PDF) 26
  D-2 Chemical resistance of PC/polyester alloy against various chemicals
D-3 Influence of various chemicals on surface appearance
  D-4 Crack occurrence under fixed pressure with exposure to various chemicals (PDF) 28
 E Thermal properties
  E-1 Heat aging
E-2 Temperature dependence of flexural modulus and tensile stress at yield
 F Product design
  F-1 Stress concentration on the corner
F-2 Example of designing the corner
Laws and regulations
  Laws and regulations related to polycarbonate resin (PDF) 31
  UL Standards (PDF) 32
  Compliance with PSE law/Conversion of units (PDF) 33